Reading: Keeping up your professional knowledge!

by | May 8, 2017

Are you keeping up to date with developments in your field? A little light reading now and then can help you stay up to date with emerging issues, or just remind you of key concepts for effective leadership and management.

I’ve got a few friends who blog, and I also follow quite a few people on LinkedIn and other social networks. Their advice is thought provoking, and delivered in nice neat packages, easy to read on any device.

I also keep an eye on leaders in their fields, particularly when they are interviewed about their professional work and personal lives. Recently, I’ve seen a few great articles from local leaders – people I know, respect, and admire.

I will admit, reading about local stars makes a big impact. When I know it is someone I can talk to, or seek more information from, it adds a nice social aspect to an often solo-activity.

I also confess, I enjoy skimming through a textbook every now and then, reminding myself of key concepts and theories, and following up online – looking at new developments or ways to implement ideas. I’ve got some old favourites on the shelf, and will often pick up something from the local library to get new ideas, or revisit older ones.

In the world of constant connectivity, an unexpected 5 or 15-minute wait time can be put to good use by following up idea, and looking for more information online. It’s not hard to keep up to date, but it does take a little bit of effort to keep up with regular reading. I love podcasts (check out ABC Radio’s Best Practice podcast), but I’m not a big fan of online videos (the occasional TEDTalk maybe). So, if you aren’t a big reader, it’s worth checking out what other options are available to keep up to date.

So, when it comes to your professional learning:

  • Who do you look to for advice?
  • Where do you find your updates and inspiration?