Think Small: Steps to Success

by | Jan 22, 2018

I’ve been reading a new book, Think Small: The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Reach Big Goals by Owain Service and Rory Gallagher. I picked it up because it mentioned ‘nudge theory’ – something I’d heard about, and wanted to delve into.

It turns out, the behavioural science approach of “thinking small” aligns with a strategy I’ve been using for a while. That is, to identify 3 things to do this week, that help me make progress on projects, or reach goals.

I’m now trying to tackle each day with 3 small goals – nudging myself to be more organised and productive!

My goals for the last 24 hours:
– preparing clothes for a bike ride the night before
– using my outlook calendar to set times to return phone calls
– not checking emails on my phone after 8pm

This may not be rocket science, sound particularly interesting, or life changing, but it’s worth considering if there are ways to reframe our thinking, and stay on track in our increasingly busy lives.

I figured it was worth sharing.

You can find out more about the book, and the Think Small theory via Website  or Youtube